Truth be told the scripture is pretty clear and straight forward.1 Peter 5:7 “cast all your anxiety on Him,for He cares for you.Easy said than done..!! right?,well that’s not always the case.Some of us have allowed fear to cripple us that we fail to apply the scripture.

It is like you Pray and read the scripture but still continue to sin against it.Life gets hard,we go through experiences that make us settle for less than Gods best due to fear.

I am no exception to giving in to fear.honestly when I look at the past 29 years I have lived thus far,fear has stopped me from living my life.of course then again I didn’t grow up in an environment that allowed me to see beyond the impossible.

Fear its like a crippling emotion,associated with anxiety,stress and depression.Fear stops you from leaving your best life,from trying out new things,it makes you believe that your dreams are just merely dreams and will never surface.

Philippians 4:6-7 says “Be anxious for nothing,but in everything by PRAYER & SUPPLICATION with THANKSGIVING.

So basically what the two bible verses are saying is with God on our side then all is well.When you read Romans 8:28 it says “In all things God works for the good of those who love him”.I get peace when reading those bible verses.

God is simply telling us to seek him,read on his promises,give thanks and make our submission know to him for he cares for us.When you further read on this Psalm 55:22 says “He will sustain you”,therefore you cannot lack when you live through the lord.

It is not always easy not to allow ourselves dwell on fear but whenever that happens always ask yourself when was it the last time I spend some time within the presence of the lord.

Love Cee…



Journalism and PR Graduate blogging as therapy.South African Based.

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