Overcoming Evil with Good

Overcoming Evil with good..What is that even suppose to mean ? why must I be good to someone who has done bad thing to me? Someone who has been mean and horrible to me for no reason at all?

I have asked myself those question a lot and truth be told whenever people were mean to me I would give them the same attitude I received from.Honestly that is just exhausting,every time you see that person you mood just changes instantly.Its like you go from being happy to mad in an instant.Why allow someone to hold such power over your life and your emotions?

I allowed myself to live in a world where I constantly reacted to people’s evil ways.Truth be told it made me be a mean,mad and unapproachable person.I thought to myself I do it first then when they do it I wont hurt much.


The more you respond with evil the more you allow yourself to be defined by other peoples definition of who you are and ultimately it becomes a rotation and a very bad contagious disease.God Tells us to fight a good fight,that is chose your battles carefully in life. Do not allow yourself to be caught in other peoples fight.There is saying that goes like “Be a little kind for you dont know what other person is going through”

Romans 12:17 says “never pay back evil with evil”.So next time someone treats you badly,know that you dont have to do the same to them.For God has said in Proverbs 24:20 ” For the evil man has no future ” Pray and mediate on the word.God love and cares for you.

Love Cee…💋💋